Skateboarder Dan Mancina Is Defying the percentages One Video at a Time


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  • right Arrow IconDan Mancina is a skateboarder who just happens to be blind. How precisely does he skateboard? Watch above to see him defy the chances.Bleacher report is your No. 1 stop for what’s trending in sports. you can count number on BR for all the preferred experiences. From wild activities to the next large issue, don’t leave out out.

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    The fit turned into no longer always resplendent, the result of rushed offense and two competitors not always on the identical web page, however the women recovered and the outcomes changed into an unique in shape that furthered the blossoming competition.

    Logan is the epitome of a professional, an exceptional in-ring hand whose own achievements had been sacrificed for the betterment of the Riott Squad as an entire. Her massive moment and victory now not best become a private fulfillment but one that enhances her personality and helps create a connection with the audience.

    Moon will proceed her struggle with The Riott Squad, presumably the entire way up to Riott’s return and a series with the tattooed leader of the group.

    For now, she will be able to are looking for vengeance against Logan, who stole one from her Monday evening.

    10 of 10

    Seth Rollins, Elias and Bobby Lashley battled in the 2nd Triple threat in shape of the night, the appropriate to challenge Roman Reigns in seven days for a shot at Brock Lesnar’s time-honored Championship at stake.

    Elias jumped Rollins before the bell, putting The Architect at a disadvantage appropriate out of the gate. Lashley made him pay and Rollins hammered the point home with a huge clothesline on the arena floor.

    returned within the ring, Lashley paired off with Rollins, working the mat in opposition t the previous intercontinental champion. The motion picked up heading into the destroy. After the business, Rollins delivered a huge frog splash to Lashley but Elias intercepted him and despatched The Architect heading to the ground.

    A pin attempt of his personal didn’t preserve Lashley’s shoulders to the mat.

    After using Lashley into the nook with a buckle bomb, Rollins delivered a superplex onto Elias and followed up with a Falcon Arrow for a count number of two. Rollins became rolling as the healthy stepped forward, unloading on the opposition with two consecutive suicide dives.


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